This is not a dress rehearsal. Learn to leave a legacy… A legacy of Faith, a legacy for your Family, and a Financial legacy that equips and impacts future generations.
Leadership is the lid on your results. Leadership will exponentially accelerate or decelerate your results. Plugin and raise your leadership lid.
Liberty is under assault and free people are powerless because they have never been taught the foundational principles of true liberty. Learn the economic, theological, philosophical, historic, and political principles that ensure liberty for you and your descendants.
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Drew Dudley on Day One Leadership and “Lollipop Moments”

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Welcome to the NEW Scott Ross Show!

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How Could The Population of the Earth Come from Adam and Eve?

How Could Everyone On Earth Come from Just Two People?   A participant in my discipleship program asked for help answering a “science” question: How could

Where is Easter in the Bible?

It’s Easter, and much of the world is thinking about the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. Most people know the story in its most basic

About Scott

Entrepreneur, Leader, Speaker, Trainer, Motivator, Writer, and Coach

As a founding leader of the John Maxwell speaking and coaching team, Scott speaks around the world on topics of leadership and entrepreneurship. He also has a passion for Biblical Leadership, Multi-Generational Vision, Discipleship, Marriage, and Reformation of the Church. Scott doesn’t talk about leadership in a vacuum. Scott is the founder and CEO of one of the fastest growing companies in America.

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